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    Using Technology in Music


    09 Nov, 2018

    10 : 00

    • In our Music programme, Lower Secondary students focus on listening, performing, and creating. They are encouraged to discern music from different styles, genres, and parts of the world.

      Our Year 7 students are currently exploring a Vocal Working unit where they are experimenting using an A cappella app. It has a simple concept: Students record their voices, layering them to create harmonies. This app allows them to take several videos of themselves, stacking the first videos over the next so that students can sing over their own backing vocals, until they become one A cappella troupe.

      Our students are encouraged to work both individually and in groups. Each team is given a set time to finish the project. By the time when they all finish their work, a show time provided the opportunity for students to prove their efforts and creativities, as well as their great teamwork skill!

      It is an exciting way to develop students’ abilities to sing music in two or more parts, and we all look forward to their future achievement in the Music programme!