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    Welcome to Toy Town!


    20 May, 2022

    10 : 00

    • Last week, Year 1 invited other year groups into their learning community to visit Toy Town! This event was a celebration of all of the wonderful learning and creativity that has taken place in Year 1 during their topic – Toys!


      The children have honed their designing, testing and building skills during this topic, investigating what makes a toy car 'fast' before applying their knowledge and creating their own to race. By the end of the topic, the children had knowledge of toys from around the world, toys throughout history and even knew how to make their own toy!


      The children were assigned different jobs within their Toy Town exhibition and performed their roles with a mature and professional attitude. Some children read books in the picnic area to younger students, while others demonstrated and led different games for visitors to engage in.


      Toy Town concluded with a song about Ted-E Bear, the adorable, fluffy new addition to the Year 1 Learning Community. As the guests left Tot Town, they could visit the gift shop - leaving with a bookmark designed by a child as a memento. Toy Town stimulated the children's imagination and gave them the opportunity to express their creativity, they now look forward to seeing what 'stems' from their final topic of the year - Plants!