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    Asia Success


    20 May, 2022

    10 : 00

    • Our Year 7-9 students recently participated in the Asia Learning Challenge. YCIS Chongqing were delighted to be invited to participate as the challenge is only open to selected International Schools across Asia. What we particularly like about this competition is that it is not academically selective, and it allows all students to participate.


      The challenge covers a wide range of subject areas:



      • Reading Practice: Non-Fiction, Poetry & Prose Texts
      • Digital Citizenship - Evaluating Media
      • Digital Citizenship - Fake News
      • Speaking
      • Listening to informational, inspirational & persuasive texts
      • Types of Communication
      • Sentence Structures & Grammar
      • Punctuation
      • Word types
      • Language features


      • Applications of Maths
      • Mean, mode, median & range
      • Problem Solving
      • Real-world investigations
      • Mathematical Skills: Patterns
      • Algebra Skills
      • Maths with Desmos!
      • Algebra: Graphs
      • Problem Solving - Challenge Exercises


      • Energy & Forces in everyday life
      • Types of cells
      • Microorganisms & Disease
      • Structure & Properties of Matter
      • Science in the news
      • Global Events & Exploring Space
      • Chemistry in Society
      • Genetics
      • Interactions in Ecosystems

      *There are also questions related to Languages and English as a Second Language.


      The challenge took place over 2 days, students were given time in lessons to participate in as many of the tasks as they could, some students were so engaged with the challenge they even spent hours participating at home! For each question the students answered correctly they were awarded a point.


      Twenty schools from across Asia participated in the challenge, with 739,717 questions answered correctly by the 1,464 students who participated. We are absolutely delighted to announce that YCIS Chongqing achieved First Place! Congratulations to our students on a fantastic achievement.