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    “Sounds of Summer” Concert Brings the Heat


    16 Jun, 2023

    11 : 20

    • Last Friday, parents and staff were treated to a wonderful concert presented by our primary students. Music teachers Ms. Nazaralieva and Mr. Li ensured that every student had the opportunity to perform on stage. 


      Students sang a variety of songs about friendship, our school, and even welcomed parents to the concert through song. They played a variety of instruments as well, including ukuleles, recorders, and percussive boomwhackers. Many pieces also featured large classes of students playing the violin, reflecting the strong violin culture YCIS schools are known for. 


      The concert was hosted by two Year 6 students who tied together individual performances with fun facts and jokes about the upcoming pieces. Meanwhile, behind the curtains, the secondary student Tech Team ensured all the transitions and stage setting were seamless.


      These live concerts are important, and not just because they are entertaining. They help develop our students’ confidence, and give parents a window into what is learned in music classes. Furthermore, the development of skills in each year level is apparent and inspiring. And while parents may have enjoyed seeing their children on the stage, it was equally as thrilling for the students to see their parents in the audience. 


      See you on June 28 for our Secondary Concert!