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    Year 5 campaign to save the earth!


    10 Mar, 2023

    16 : 37

    • Over the past four weeks, our Year 5 Learning Community has been researching the semester’s topic, ‘Preserving Earth’. Their science lessons explored the life cycle of plants and different animals to show the importance of every living thing on earth. During Chinese Studies, our students explored the topic by investigating the challenges faced by the Yangtze and Yellow River. While having fun and using technology creatively, through Digital Literacy lessons, the children used English language and research skills to explore the issues they identified in Chinese Studies and Science lessons. Students were tasked with designing beautiful and well-researched leaflets. These helped educate our community in the different ways they can care for our environment.


      Our students learnt a lot - their efforts and creativity were then celebrated. On Monday, 6th March, 2023, the entire Year 5 Learning Community shared their learning through a Learning Exhibition and a wonderful musical performance. The Year 5 teachers were inspired by the Year 4 musical, ‘The Lion King’. Following a brief discussion on having our current Year 5s, who performed last year’s ‘The Lion King’, show off their talents once more, a ‘Preserving Earth’ musical show was planned. In collaboration with the music and art teachers, the children created colourful props and practiced classical music to put on an unforgettable show. Our Year 5 Learning Community finished the day with a Learning Exhibition. The exhibition displayed the work completed during Chinese studies, English, Science, Digital Literacy, and Life Skills.


      This exhibition was another way for the Year 5 Learning Community to celebrate student knowledge, skills, and experiences with parents and siblings. It was an amazing journey to be a part of and we are all looking forward to another celebration of learning.