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    Parent Workshop


    15 Nov, 2022

    11 : 26

    • YCIS Chongqing is committed to engaging with our parent community and we were very pleased to have recently held three workshops for Maths, English and STEAM. The school’s Maths Leader, Mr Hooman, English Leader, Mr Hermosilla and STEAM Leader, Mr. Bruna led the workshops respectively.


      Parent attendance was high. Focus was given to providing both curriculum information and practical understanding to enable parents to effectively support their children at home and to provide a greater understanding of how our subjects are taught in school. 


      Mr Hooman presented a series of maths questions alongside scenarios and parents were encouraged to participate in answering those using the same resources that pupils use in class. Problem solving was also a key element of this workshop. Common misconceptions were explored and explained alongside a discussion on key mathematical vocabulary.


      Mr Hermosilla led a presentation focusing on reading skills. He discussed key concepts of reading and advised on clear strategies of how to build comprehension, literal, deduction and inference skills. These are essential for understanding the meaning of text and are the foundation for acquiring deeper knowledge through reading as children progress throughout their educational career and into adulthood.


      The STEAM workshop delivered by Mr. Bruna was competitive, parents were divided into groups to create a ‘chair’ using applicable materials such as magazine paper, newspapers and scotch tapes within 15 minutes, each handmade STEAM work was displayed on stage and tested by Mr Bruna, all bore his weight! 


      Feedback given by parents was very positive for these workshops and we now look forward to the ECE parent events later in this semester.