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    Happy Diwali!


    29 Oct, 2022

    09 : 53

    • Diwali, also known as the ‘Festival of Light’, ended on October 25th, after a 5-day celebration. It is celebrated by over 1 billion people worldwide and represents light overcoming darkness.


      On October 25th, all Primary students from YCIS Chongqing came together for an assembly about this auspicious celebration. A short video outlining the festivities was used to engage learners. This was followed by pictures to showcase how Mr. Singh, our Year 5 form teacher, celebrated Diwali with his friends and family.


      Students were curious and so listened attentively. The insight they had gained was evidenced in the quiz which formed the final part of the assembly. Almost all students answered the quiz questions correctly.


      The focus of the assembly was developing ‘Global Citizens’ and developing future citizens who understand the learner portrait related to being ‘Open Minded’. As a school, we recognise that international students need to be aware of the cultures and customs of others, especially neighbouring countries to China.


      We look forward to more engaging learning activity in Primary in the near future!