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    Exploring Chengdu


    06 May, 2024

    16 : 26

    • On Monday 15th April our Year 5 students and teachers set off for the city of pandas, spicy cuisine, and Sichuan opera: Chengdu!


      As the first out-of-town trip for our Year 5 students, it presented an exciting opportunity for us to learn about the culture, history, and essence of our neighbouring city in the northwest. The trip was also an opportunity to build character – our students learning to become more independent and resilient, maturing into the young men and women they are destined to be.  A case in point is an excerpt from their reflection activity: ‘I want to go to Chengdu again…I will try to be braver and more independent,’ wrote Star.


      The students visited many varied sights, including Wuhou Temple, Jinli Old Street, the Panda Breeding Centre, Jinsha Museum, Dujiangyan Irrigation System, Qingcheng Mountain, and an eco-farm. They also experienced a Sichuan Opera performance first-hand and had kung-fu lessons!


      The opportunity for the students to sample fiery local cuisine was a highlight for many. Trips to enjoy Sichuan hotpot and Chuan Chuan were interspersed with home-cooked favorite Sichuan delicacies, such as Kung Pao Chicken, Mapo Tofu, and fish-flavored pork.


      Our brave travellers returned to Chongqing on Friday, 19th April, with a multitude of memories, stories, and several cuddly toy pandas!