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    Colors, Cellos, and Creations: YCIS Chongqing Fine Arts Day


    05 Jul, 2024

    09 : 57

    • On Tuesday, 2nd July, YCIS Chongqing hosted our inaugural Fine Arts Day on campus. The day was filled with non-stop art, activities, and performances. It marks a significant milestone in our school's history as we celebrate our students' unique creativity, passion and skill in music and the arts.


      Parents and guests were invited to this special day to witness captivating musical performances, marvel at stunning visual artwork, and immerse themselves in the world of creativity that our students have crafted. From soulful melodies to awe-inspiring paintings, each piece on display is a reflection of the hard work and talent that our students have poured into their craft.


      • Silent auction
      • Art exhibition
      • Primary concert featuring:
      • Upper secondary showcase featuring:
      • Primary art activities featuring:
      • Primary music activities featuring
      • Secondary science and math in art program
      • Secondary music activities featuring:


      We congratulate our students on their extraordinary accomplishments; their artistic flair has shone through in every note played, brushstroke made, and artistic expression shared.


      The busy and eventful day marked the culmination of a year’s worth of hard work and skill building. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to build upon this success in the years to come, as our students continue to push the boundaries of creative expression.