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    Building Connections through Books


    17 Nov, 2023

    15 : 10

    • YCYW has implemented a reading program aimed at promoting reading and cultivating good reading habits among students. Each campus organizes an annual Chinese full-book reading activity, guiding students in delving deeper into the books. Additionally, to inspire students with diverse perspectives from peers and teachers in different regions, we also organize inter-campus Chinese reading exchange activities.


      On November 14, our Year 3 students connected online with Year 3 from YCIS Shanghai to share their learning outcomes from the Chinese Whole Book Reading activity. Our students immersed themselves in the book "The Slow-Paced Gosling," while the Shanghai campus students took us on an adventure through "The Wonderful Adventures of Nils."


      They not only brought the captivating plots of the books to life through dramatic performances but also discussed the admirable qualities portrayed by the main characters in the stories. Moreover, the children learned about each other's positive attributes by sharing personal life experiences.


      Our students were thrilled to share their learning outcomes and life experiences with their peers from Shanghai. Our students embraced the experience of fostering bonds in a wider learning community across two schools, igniting a shared passion for reading.