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    ACAMIS Chongqing 2024 Football Tournament


    29 Apr, 2024

    12 : 30

    • The ACAMIS Chongqing 2024 Football Tournament recently concluded at the YUE Sports Center, marking the end of an exhilarating period of athletic competition. Hosted by YCIS Chongqing, the tournament brought together seven teams, featuring both boys' and girls' divisions.


      In the boys' division, the Canadian International School of Hefei emerged as champions, demonstrating exceptional teamwork and talent throughout the tournament. QSI Chengdu secured second place, while Kunming International Academy claimed third place.


      Meanwhile, in the girls' division, the Canadian International School of Hefei once again triumphed, securing the title with their remarkable performance on the field. Following closely behind were TEDA International School Tianjin in second place and QSI Chengdu in third place.


      One of the tournament's standout moments was the awarding of the Spirit of ACAMIS trophy to YCIS Chongqing. This prestigious accolade, voted on by all participating schools, recognized YCIS Chongqing for their exemplary sportsmanship and positive attitude throughout the tournament. This is a testament to their character growth - a demonstration of their resilience and perserverance.


      Last but not least, the combined results of the entire ACAMIS Purple Division season showed YCIS Chongqing finishing in 3rd place overall out of the 9 schools in our league, which is immensely remarkable and a testament to the dedication and skill of our student-athletes.


      Beyond the fierce competition, the ACAMIS 2023-2024 Purple Division season served as a platform for fostering camaraderie and building lasting friendships among student-athletes from different schools. The atmosphere in each tournament was filled with excitement and camaraderie, as participants cheered each other on and celebrated the joys of sportsmanship and teamwork.