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    2018 ACAMIS Badminton Tournament


    03 May, 2018

    10 : 00

    • From the 19-22 April 2018, YCIS Chongqing had the pleasure of sending the first badminton team to a competitive badminton event, the ACAMIS Invitational Badminton Tournament. The event was hosted by Nanjing International School. A total of 8 YCIS students were sent to the event, competing against a total of 23 international schools from all over China and surrounding regions in either singles, doubles or mixed doubles matches.

      As this was completely new to all of our YCIS students, the uncontrollable nerves were expected. The level of play at the event was outstanding, with many of us – players and coaches included – completely mesmerized by the quality of badminton being played. Majority of the competitors were extremely experienced players, with many years of outside professional coaching.

      While this could have immediately deterred our students, instead it encouraged them to embrace the opportunity, learn new techniques, skills and strategies while playing, and earn respect from their opponents through their grit and determination. While the results did not go their way, each player and each team made outstanding progress throughout the tournament. As the coaches we are extremely proud of our students. Their hard work, commitment to training and a never-say-die attitude on the court were far more important than the overall results.

      Overall, it was a fantastic event and extremely valuable learning experience for our players. Upon return to Chongqing, all players were motivated to continue practicing and improving, which further highlights their attitudes and will stand them in good stead for future tournaments. We look forward to the 2019 ACAMIS Badminton tournament and hope that the sport will go from strength to strength at YCIS Chongqing.