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    Chinese Magazine Contribution


    13 Apr, 2018

    10 : 00

    • At YCIS Chongqing, we developed wide range of Chinese classes for both CFL and CAL students. These classes are tailor-made to cater for students with different Chinese language abilities. Through practicing listening, speaking, reading and writing, students explore eastern culture. The weekly Chinese Studies class not only provides students the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Chinese language, but also leads them to appreciate Chinese culture.

      Our topic of interest this year is Flavor.

      Spring has arrived and it’s time to call for contributions for the 4th issue of our Chinese magazine US. We encourage Primary students from different ages and levels to get involved and showcase their Chinese language skills.

      Both ECE and Primary have two teachers present in all classrooms. One Western teacher and one Chinese teacher help to implement a bilingual learning environment in English and Chinese. Our Co-Teachers share equal authority in the classroom, and together they plan and implement lessons that provide students with a multicultural environment. Students develop proficiency in two of the most important languages and related cultures in 21st century.

      Narration: it is based on storytelling, sharing feelings about life

      Instruction: talk about different flavors of food, impacts on people’s health, and the relationship between flavor and personal character

      Argumentation: the balance of flavor, how it influences people’s character.

      Imagination essay: what if I am a bottle of vinegar…; if I am a lollipop…

      Poetry: the smell of the sun, the feel of the moon, the taste of the sea, the flavor of mom/dad…

      For details, please speak to our Primary Chinese teachers. More information will be published in ClassDojo after Spring Break.