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    Hot Headlines from the Year 4WS!


    06 Mar, 2018

    10 : 00

    • The Year 4 team has been focusing on constructing a newspaper article. They started by looking at the features of newspapers from around the world. They noticed that they all have similar features such as headlines, photographs with captions, orientation using past tense verbs and often quotes from eyewitnesses.

      This week the students had a big focus on headlines. They scanned the paper and looked at the headlines they found and then highlighted their favorites. When looking at them the students noticed that the headlines were all short, snappy and explained briefly what happened.

      They were then given some photos and were asked to write their own headlines to explain what might be happening. Using alliteration, puns, and interesting adjectives the students constructed some fun headlines. We are making a display for the bulletin board outside the library. Keep an eye out for it!