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    YCIS Secondary Ball


    26 Feb, 2018

    10 : 00

    • The YCIS Student Council was honored to host the Spring Ball on February 9th and it was once again a night to remember.

      Despite the incessant planning and constant reconsideration of how the interior would look, through the support from faculty and the student body, we were able to put up an unforgettable night for everyone. We wanted the theme of our dance to be creative, a theme that would last. Then, the idea of “Titanic” dawned upon us and it was set.

      The air was alive with laughter and chatter, dancing, and the classic polaroids. The mocktail bar was in full swing throughout the night, with mocktails permeating the dance floor. The scintillating glow of the starry backdrop glistened ever brightly, as if we were truly looking into the starry night. However, the lights weren’t merely as bright as the joyous smiles and laughter of all the students and teachers.

      I can still replay the whole night over and over again - the shaky dance floor moving to Gangnam Style, the year 13s singing their hearts out and dancing to Kpop wonders, the tender melodies from the student rock-band, and the flamboyant twirling of the disco ball.

      The annual Secondary Dance has progressed itself into an ongoing tradition that students can look forward to each year. And we strive this event to become an outreach for the student body to get themselves involved in.

      --Ethan Ahn, Year 12