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    Apply Math in Daily Life


    07 Feb, 2018

    10 : 00

    • In the week of Feb 5th, Year 1 students have been focusing on measuring in their Maths class. We started by measuring by using ‘non-standard’ units, things like our hands or other things we find in the classroom. On Monday, students used cubes to measure objects and they did so confidently. However, on the following day, students encountered a challenge, because they had to measure lines that weren’t straight!

      We always want to encourage students to apply their Math knowledge in new or different situations. In their daily studies, students are often asked to investigate or think about how they can work out the answer for themselves, then they can discuss and share their ideas with their peers and support each other. Finally, under the guidance of the teachers, students created different solutions for a particular project!

      In order to measure those curly lines, the Year 1s used pipe cleaners to help them find the length of the lines. They first copied the line and then they could use it to find how many cubes long the line was!

      This is only the start, of course. Students will move on to measuring all sorts of different things both in Year 1 and the rest of their time at YCIS Chongqing. In Year 1 we want to encourage them to be inquisitive and to approach challenges confidently.