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    Life Long Benefit from Practicing Violin


    02 Feb, 2018

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    • Many studies indicate that practicing violin in childhood could bring lifelong benefits, such as extending attention span, strengthening memory ability and brain function, relieving stress, and overall mental health.

      Practicing violin helps to develop brain - hand coordination (brains have to coordinate right hands and left hands to complete various tasks while practicing violin). Because of these benefits, it’s important students have access to the right instruments alongside proper instruction.

      Students in Years 1-3 are provided Violin lessons as part of the YCIS Primary Music Programme. Different than one-on-one violin instrumental class, our violin classes aim to support students to develop better communication skills and team spirits before they join larger groups, like the School Orchestral. Students learn to adjust their rhythm and tune during group rehearsal in order to achieve perfect harmony, as each individual player plays different and important roles in the performance. They build up their patience and listening by responding to peers, keeping a nice posture, and waiting for their turn to perform.

      After studying violin for 3 years, students gain a variety of skills such enhanced focus, quick reaction times, and self- discipline. These are all life-long benefits for our students.

      Throughout the year, students have many opportunities to show off their performing talent, including the annual Violin Concert, school assemblies, and the whole school concerts. All students with different instrumental skills are encouraged to join the School Band and Orchestra to practice music and showcase their talents in a wider community.