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    You Can Do It!


    27 Oct, 2017

    10 : 00

    • From 2017-2018 academic year, we started to implement the Learning Community model in our Year 5 Programme to give students every opportunity to dig deeper into self-directed learning. Students are provided with a plethora of resources and opportunities, enabling a stimulating atmosphere, where creativity, exploration and courageous are greatly encouraged and developed.

      Over the past few weeks the Year 5 Learning Community has been focusing on ‘Who we are’. We have been learning and sharing about our families. We have written autobiographies describing important events and people in our lives. The children have also done some research about the country they are from and presented it in colourful posters.

      Risk taking is encouraged on a daily basis in the classroom, speaking English, working out challenging maths, reading longer stories and many other learning areas. We were lucky this week to be visited by Penny Brown, from Baking Blind, who is traveling the world. She has overcome many challenges and has taken many risks since becoming blind. She was an inspiration to the children showing them that whatever challenges they come across in life they can overcome them with determination and taking risks.