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    Would you like some delicious cookies?


    27 Oct, 2017

    10 : 00

    • On October 25, Primary Year 1 had the opportunity to make cookies together at the school canteen, our supportive canteen staff helped prepare cookie dough beforehand so that kids can just focus on applying their imagination on cookie design!

      For many of Year 1 students, it was their first time touching flour dough and it is hard to connect a cookie with the lump of cookie dough in front of them! They smelt it, pressed it, then quickly started to play with it! Under the guidance of our teachers, each student was encouraged to design their own cookie. 30 minutes later, we had a great collection of amazing cookies with different shapes, toppings, and colors! The children loved this exciting hands-on activity, as it allowed them to develop their hand-eye coordination, learn how to follow simple instructions and create a tasty treat that they could share with others.

      Before the end of the school day, the canteen staff had brought the individually wrapped cookies, with the student’s name stuck on them, to Year 1 classrooms. The children talked about how pretty and tasty the cookies were, and how they could make cookies at home too!