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    19 Oct, 2017

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    • Primary Dance and Drama Classes

      We are very excited to announce that our Primary students started Dance and Drama lessons in the 2017-2018 academic year. Children are guided by their teacher via Dance and Drama routines, activities and games to express themselves in both a verbal and non-verbal way. Music, movement and mime transcend the language and cultural barriers our children might be facing and struggling with in an international English language environment. .

      Dance and Drama classes most certainly help children to gain self-confidence and a wonderful sense of accomplishment and achievement when they finally are given the opportunity to perform for an audience. Many times the students are asked to create and choreograph their own scripts, dance routines and scenarios. Children are encouraged to work as a team but also become intensely aware of their own role in making a production successful. Being on stage, backstage or in the audience are all elements that the children acutely become more aware of whilst participating and gaining a true appreciation for Performing Arts in general.

      Our students thoroughly enjoy and get very excited about their Dance and Drama classes. We trust this is producing a life long love for Theatre and Performing Arts!

      Primary Years Visual Arts Classes

      Guided by the teacher who has a “mistakes are allowed” approach, little errors often become Eureka moments for the students. Their drawings are carefully guided so they become aware of form, line, color, shape, space, value and texture as well as composition, structure and dynamic spatial relationships.

      During class time, children are often exposed to the works and short biographies of famous artists’ works, yet special attention is given to each child’s intuitive logic of what beauty is.

      The children also have the opportunity to explore various types of Art equipment, materials and mediums such as pencil, charcoal, graphite, oil pastel, ink, watercolor, tempura and acrylic paints. Different textures of paper are used, although sometimes Crafts instead of Fine Arts lends itself more successfully when working with much younger students.