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    Wonderful Parkour Night


    16 Jun, 2016

    10 : 00

    • On Tuesday June 7, 2016, YCIS Chongqing hosted its first ever Parkour Night. For nearly six weeks students from Years 4 to 10 overcame fears, pushed boundaries and successfully attempted skills that they never thought were possible.

      This year’s parkour theme was “Tribes of the World” and each year level formed various groups and selected their group tribe. With some guidance, the students then designed and choreographed their own tribal parkour performances that they would perform in front of their peers, teachers and parents.

      The night was extremely exciting and had most of the crowd on the edge of their seats. With many students doing parkour for the first time this year and some having only started last year, the standard of performance was impressive. As a surprise act to introduce next year’s parkour theme, some teachers performed an exciting 90’s act, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all and especially appreciated by the students.

      Overall the Parkour Night was a great success as all involved were enjoyed and impressed. We look forward to next year’s Parkour Night and seeing even more development of our students’ sporting skills.