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    K4 Kung Fu Dancing


    16 Jun, 2016

    10 : 00

    • After watching the movie Kung Fu Panda organized by Parent Organization, YCIS Chongqing K4 children developed a keen interest in Kung Fu Fighting. At YCIS, our Early Childhood Education (ECE) program focuses on children’s interest and the children’s needs determine their learning. In the past two weeks, our K4 teachers invited Ms. Tandye Noelle Calvano who is highly qualified and experienced to teach K4 children Kung Fu dancing.

      The day before the performance, K4 children designed and made their headbands and also had a few energetic and fun rehearsals. The martial arts loving boys were especially excited to show their dancing skills.

      On June 8, all K4 parents were invited to witness this exciting moment. The whole class took part in a joyous performance of two dances in front guests. The proud and impressed parents were so delighted, clapping and laughing alongside students as the music echoed in our ECE playground!

      Through their preparation and performance, children were able to develop their knowledge of Chinese Kung Fu and sense of rhythm while experiencing the joy of physical exercise.