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    An Amazing Race for the Ages at YCIS Chongqing


    14 Mar, 2016

    10 : 00

    • YCIS Chongqing and the YCIS Parent Organisation recently hosted the 2nd annual Amazing Race at the school’s campus on March 11, and this year’s exciting edition saw 10 teams of 8 battling for the title of “Champion”. Teams had to successfully answer trivia questions before they could officially begin the race, but soon enough all groups were successfully underway and the real race began. The first challenge required four of the eight team members to assemble a footstool from IKEA without any instructions or pictures. The completed stools will be used by the Year 12/13 art students in a 3-D assignment and auctioned off at the Ocean World performance for an ocean conservation charity. A quick run to the gym brought them to their second challenge, where all team members raced through an obstacle course to receive their next clue. Challenge #3 tested each team’s communication skills by requiring them to work silently to translate and answer questions in 10 different languages. A physical challenge followed in the “Minute to Win It” race which included ping pong balls, cups and even a water balloon launcher! The next event required teams to work together to build a 3-D puzzle of one of many famous buildings from around the world. The dreaded food challenge followed, where a team member had to blindly choose one Chinese food item from the table to consume before passing the baton to their next teammate to choose their item. Durian, shredded squid and seaweed were among the delicacies on offer. With darkness setting in, the teams then raced down to the basketball court where they tried to find their way through a life-sized maze while looking for numbered clues. In the final challenge, teams worked together to learn and perform a hip-hop dance in front of contestants and spectators gathered in the YCIS Great Hall. It was a fantastic Friday afternoon event at the campus, with an atmosphere of friendly competition that even included several teams of teachers trying to keep up with the students. As the racing wrapped up, all competitors were treated to pizza and desserts, courtesy of the YCIS Parent Organisation. Congratulations to the winning team: The Secret Lemonade Drinkers. Just exactly why they were named “The Secret Lemonade Drinkers” remains a mystery to this day. See you all next year at the 3rd Annual Amazing Race!