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    Primary English Public Speaking Competition 2016


    04 Jan, 2016

    10 : 00

    • For many adults, the fear of speaking in public is one of their greatest. The mere thought of standing up in front of 250 peers to deliver a speech conjures images of knocking knees, shaking hands and dry mouths. It is almost unthinkable to ask children, many of who can barely see over the lectern, to take on the same feat.

      Yet, from January 25–29, YCIS Chongqing Primary students have faced this fear, and risen to the challenge of doing the unthinkable. Having invested many hours in preparing and practising speeches in a variety of different genres, students battled it out, using words and gestures as their only weapons, in class heats across the Primary School. From these heats, finalists from each year level were selected to perform their pieces in front not only their fellow students and parents, but also a panel of judges.

      Throughout this week, we have heard a variety of presentations: from stories of bear hunts to reports from Africa. We have been transported to cottages in woods and delivered speeches that would inspire nations. We have listened to nursery rhymes and travelled on adventures with poets.

      What impressed the judges the most was the confidence shown by our students, regardless of language familiarity or speaking experience. For many of the finalists, this was their first experience of talking in front of such a large audience; we are certain it won't be their last.

      Huge congratulations are extended to all students who pushed themselves out of their comfort zones and made it through to the finals, and particularly to the following champions from each year group:

      • Year 1 (Nursery Rhymes) Morgiana Zhang
      • Year 2 (Traditional Stories) Zinna Shin
      • Year 3 (Michael Rosen Stories) Jenny Du
      • Year 4 (Poets from India) Orick Zheng
      • Year 5 (Conservation Recounts) Ayesha Palehepitiya
      • Year 6 (Adventurers and Explorers Poems) Shinjini Mitra Mustafi