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    Business Week


    11 Feb, 2017

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    • During the week of January 23 to 25, upper secondary students in Business Studies got a taste of the entrepreneur life. Students worked in groups to design and create a product that would be marketable to 10 to 15 year old students in Chongqing. During the experience, conducted market research and analyzed data to determine how successful their product would be in Chongqing.

      On January 26, parents and community members of Chongqing with significant business experience were invited to YCIS to listen to business pitches put forth by the student groups. The students demonstrated what they learned about becoming business professionals in addition to displaying numerous collaboration projects done throughout different classes. After the proposals, our guest panelists provided feedback and suggestions to our students as they finished the experience. For many students, it was their first chance at live in the professional business world.

      All in all, the experience was a tremendous success. A significant “thank you” should go to all teachers who helped to collaborate. The parents and school community members who participated should also be commended for their willingness to be involved in a fantastic learning experience for the students of YCIS. As we wrap up Business Week 2017 a reflection will be had before planning commences for next year’s simulation.