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    Primary Field Trips - Exploring Chongqing


    28 Oct, 2016

    10 : 00

    • As a school that advocates learning by firsthand experience, YCIS Chongqing encourages the hands-on approach to education through various field trips throughout the year, in which students embark on journeys in our city that is full of possibilities. In October, our Primary Year 1 to 6 classes went on several class trips to enhance their knowledge beyond the classroom.

      Year 5 students had an exciting time at the Chongqing Science and Technology Museum. They were able to link their learning with the hands on activities the museum had to offer. The section on space further developed their understanding about space travel (Apollo 13), and keys vocabulary like orbit, revolution, gravity, solar system and constellations.

      Joseph Zhou from Year 5 expressed his feelings in his writing after the excursion:

      “We visited many places in the Science Museum; there was an interesting Children Science Exhibition Hall, and a huge Aerospace Technology Exhibition Hall. One of my favorite spots was the “Oblique Room”. When you stand in the room, you will lean to the lower side of the wall automatically, and you have to climb very hard to go to the other side. I think although the gravity can keep everything sticks to its surface, the land is uneven, and it is hard for us to stand stable. I wish I could take Tiangong-2 to the sky, breaking through the atmosphere, escaping the pull of the earth and floating in the space."

      Through all of our excursions, we want to instill in our students an unstoppable curiosity for new knowledge, new ideas, and new experiences. By utilizing as many Chongqing landmarks as possible, we also teach our children how to appreciate the local community and culture. The next time our students are asked where they’ve been, they will each be able to recount great experiences and retell fun memories.