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    Meet the Western Co-Principal: Mr Neil McBurney


    22 Oct, 2016

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    • It is certainly an exciting time to have arrived at YCIS Chongqing. The school is in the middle of the CIS/NEASC/NCCT Accreditation process, with a team of twelve peers from around the globe due to visit the school as ‘critical friends’, who will review all aspects of the school’s programmes against international standards. Our IBDP authorization gathers momentum in January, as we look forward to enrolling our first Year 12 student cohort in this acclaimed pre-tertiary learning programme.

      As a School Principal, I view myself first and foremost as a ‘teaching administrator’, actively involved in teaching and learning in an international setting, with all the challenges and excitement that is attendant upon such a position. For me, teaching is a way of life and an integral part of my own life-long process of learning. My international experience has enhanced my life both personally and professionally, making my continuing career in education increasingly more rewarding, challenging and exciting.

      It is a privilege to work with students, teachers and our support team, and encourage them as they strive to achieve to their potential. As administrators, it is our job to provide the challenges that ensure all members of our learning community are extended and taking risks in activities they may not have experienced previously. In my view, it is in this ‘land of the unknown’ that the greatest learning occurs.