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    Enjoyable Art Class at YCIS


    24 Sep, 2016

    10 : 00

    • At YCIS Chongqing, we encourage students to enjoy, appreciate, and create art. In this years’ art class, students will look at and talk about major works/styles of art, as well as create their own masterpieces using the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design, and learn about different techniques, mediums, and art history.

      The students of Year 7-8 have been practicing shading techniques. They are taught to understand how shading works and begin to draw the illusion of depth (also known as three-dimensional reality.) They create values using a graphite pencil of their choice.

      The students of Year 9 have been working on the human anatomy fundamentals and they started with the basic head planes and face features. This can be enjoyable, but it is better if you know how. While our bodies add dynamism to artworks, the face is filled with expression—the very soul of our being. Learning to bring that out starts with learning how to draw a basic human face.

      The students of Year 10 create series of Realistic Observational drawings. They use observational drawing techniques in realistic challenges. By simply looking at the subject and drawing what is presented to the eye, the student gains solid perceptual skills and hand-eye coordination, as well as eliminating flawed preconceptions about the appearance of objects.

      The students of Year 11 created the illustrations, depicting a series of images where animals merge with the natural world. The trees sprout into the silhouettes of foxes or squirrels. They looked at works by Alfred Bashar. The students practiced various line strokes and cross contour lines.

      The students of Year 12/13 work on the observational graphite drawings. They use jewelry as a subject matter. The students have chosen a piece of jewelry and started with a draft sketch. Now they are working on applying a colour and showing tone, tints and shades.

      Go, young artists!