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    Reflection of YCIS Chongqing


    26 Aug, 2016

    10 : 00

    • As I walked back onto the campus of YCIS Chongqing, I immediately recognized familiar faces of teachers and students alike. I also saw quite a few new faces - new people in the community that I called home for 8 years of my life.

      After receiving the invite, I was looking forward to being back on campus one last time for a luncheon with my teachers. The invite gave me another chance to spend a few hours reliving some of my experiences at the school before I get on the plane to start my new journey at Northwestern University in the U.S.A. in September.

      My teachers at YCIS supported me in my studies and gave me latitude to pursue my academic passions and set my own goals in learning. Their insights and expertise helped me to achieve these goals throughout high school while preparing me for tertiary education in the abroad where I plan to study engineering, at least to start. Through hard work and support, I had a number of top universities to choose from and I am confident I found the best one for me.

      Before embarking, while chatting with my old SCISAC and ACAMIS sports teammates and underclassmen, I felt once again at home in the community that nurtured me from primary to secondary school and from secondary to my future at Northwestern University. It was definitely a fun ride, a challenging ride, and one I will never forget!

      -2016 Graduate William Ouyang

      It is in the core beliefs of YCIS that our lives are what we make of them (so make the most!). William Ouyang is a fine example of this belief in action. Having spent 8 years in the school, William didn’t live only in textbooks and eat homework for dinner, but made the most of his time at YCIS by being part of the school’s Rockband, Student Council, Athletics, and other events that instilled in him communication, leadership, and organization skills. This resulted in a growth mindset where nothing was too difficult to achieve.

      William set his ambitions high and worked towards them at all times, and in doing so, has achieved great things. The opportunities schools provide are just that – opportunities. Only when students take advantage of them and strive for excellence can they be certain to accomplish their goals and have pride and fond memories of the journeys they’re on!