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    Secondary Chinese Public Speaking


    20 Apr, 2017

    10 : 00

    YCIS Chongqing has concluded its Eighth Annual Secondary Chinese Public Speaking Finals on the afternoon of April 3.

    For CAL (Chinese as an Additional Language), the Beginner students can flexibly apply their Chinese language to introduce their families, life in China and their dreams for the future. The Intermediate students have created or adapted stories with great imagination and creativity. The Advanced students expressed insightful perspectives on human life and our existence. Chinese First Language students skillfully illuminated their greatest passions using different delivery styles and techniques.

    All of the Secondary students participated in this year's competition, regardless of age or Chinese language proficiency. Nearly all speeches were of high quality and all students deserve praise for their efforts.

    Below is the list of this year's winning speeches. Congratulations to these students!

    Year 9 LEE, Mang Hin Brotherhood

    CAL - Advanced
    Year 12 LEI Yang Get Out of Trouble

    CAL - Intermediate
    Year 8 SHIN Seungyeop Yugong Moved a Mountain

    CAL - Beginner
    Year 10 GIBBONS Nicholas My Family