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    British Science Week


    18 Mar, 2022

    10 : 00

    • Monday saw our students engage in another fantastic STEAM event.

      A celebration of all things STEAM is currently taking place until 20th March through ‘British Science Week’.YCIS Chongqing used this as the stimulus for students to work on fun activities to help build their engagement with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths. Activities include celebrating diversity such as careers in engineering by highlighting the gender in-balance.

      Primary students celebrated the day with some STEAM-based fun in the sun! Each year group joined in with a variety of activities: experimenting, designing, and testing a multitude of cross-curricular topics and tasks. Pictures were taken and uploaded using the ClassDojo platform as the school buzzed with the children’s excitement throughout the afternoon!

      Secondary students continued with theme of ‘Climate Change’ to highlight the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. They were tasked with identifying ways of reducing Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions by building a mode of transport powered by a natural energy source. Prototypes included the use of catapults, sails attached to a car and a fully functioning unicorn!

      Fast forward to 2050 (, students experimented with an interactive website by changing variables such as the need of heavy vehicles and the effect this would have on global warming and CO2 emissions. All of this was documented and presented at the end of our STEAM session.

      We look forward to YCIS Chongqing students working on many more STEAM activities this academic year and sharing the outcomes with each other and our school community.