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    Preparing for the New Journey!


    07 May, 2021

    10 : 00

    • As the 2020/2021 school year comes to a close, it is time for the YCIS Chongqing Year 6 students to begin preparing for Year 7 and life in Secondary.

      Since February, Year 6 students have been participating in the Secondary Transition Programme. This program involves activities to help Y6 students make the transition from Primary into Secondary. These activities include: email etiquette, ManageBac training, digital organization, self-reflections and assessments, and more. Upcoming activities will include Year 6 student going to Year 7 for a day and getting a “taste” of the Secondary life.

      On Wednesday, 5 May 2021, the Year 6s’ parents were invited to campus to a conference, where Mr. Benson shared the Secondary Transition Programme with all attended. As the Student Transition Coordinator, Mr. Benson is excited in the development of the Secondary Transition Program and he believes that these future Year 7 students will be YCISCQ’s most prepared students to have ever entered Secondary.