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    Let's go fly a kite!


    06 May, 2021

    10 : 00

    • Kites have always been associated with many positive and symbolic meanings across the world. Here in China it is a traditional custom to fly kites in Spring when all the good things are about to bloom and nourish the earth. To develop the student’s awareness of this tradition, this year’s Check-out Chongqing event has been themed around Kite Designing and Flying. It also provided students with the opportunity to explore CQ without stepping out of the campus but still become familiar with Chongqing life from the past.

      It is a perfect time for Kite Flying, not only because the weather is sunny and windy, but also because it allows students to work both individually and cooperatively. Moreover, it is an opportunity for students to develop their cross-curriculum knowledge as this wonderful activity combined Art through designing and painting, Science by assembling and research into the physics of flying and also Language through verbal presentations to the rest of the groups. We were delighted with how engaged and cooperative the students were throughout the activities.

      Then came the most exciting part of the event, the Kite Flying competition! After Mrs Benson and Mr Noblett painted eyes on each of the dragons, it was time to see which group could make their dragon fly, their aim, to fly as high and steady as possible.

      Check out our kites; not only do they demonstrate student cooperation, but also their unique understanding of life at YCIS and also within in Chongqing. So as the kites flew, so did our students dreams and hopes for a bright future.