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    Why a Global Learning Centre?


    23 Apr, 2021

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    • Critical literacy is an essential skill in today’s world – the ability to evaluate information and entertainment sources is something no young person should be without, and the skills that allow them to do this also allow them to play an active role in society. Our new Global Learning Centre will empower students and support teachers in this vital area.

      To provide a great school reading and research area you need space. The Global Learning Centre is a space that provides safety and comfort, a space that welcomes all students, and gives all equal access. A space that questions, and entices, and excites. A space where all children are free to travel on their learning journey and are supported and inspired by a knowledgeable specialist.

      The relationship between reading attainment and reading for pleasure is dynamic and reciprocal, and we want our staff to impact on student attainment by identifying barriers to reading and developing their reading environments. Our Global Learning Centre will be key to developing an interest in and a passion for reading so that our students have the essential literacy skills to be successful not just in examinations, but in life beyond school.

      Our aim is to make the Global Learning Centre a hub that encourages students to read, research, explore, connect, and create. We want to change the outdated idea that “libraries are only for books.” Our Global Learning Centre will be more than a library instead it will be a place for exploration.