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    Say A Big Hello to the Primary Cafeteria Committee


    26 Nov, 2020

    10 : 00

    • The purpose of our Primary Cafeteria Committee is to work together to continue to improve the quality of the food and environment. We do this through collating students views on the food provided and the environment we dine in. We communicate and work with the Secondary Cafeteria Committee, the School Leadership Team and the Cafeteria Management team.

      At the beginning of the year, the Year 6 students were given the opportunity to apply for a variety of leadership roles within our school. The Cafeteria Committee is one such opportunity to be a leader. These opportunities improve the student’s ability to lead, to work in a team and to communicate effectively to achieve a shared goal. These students all registered an interest in working with the school to continue to develop the school cafeteria.

      Student voice: “I am interested in joining the cafeteria committee because I like good food for me and my fellow classmates and I’m kind of a food critic at home”

      Student voice: “I want to learn leadership skills from doing the job.”

      So far this year the Primary Cafeteria Committee joined with the Secondary Cafeteria Committee to participate in taste testing some new dishes. We tasted each new dish and gave our feedback to the Cafeteria Manager Ms. Ting-Ting Li and Chef Zhang. Some of these dishes have been included in our future menus.

      As a committee, we have many ideas that we would like to implement throughout the year to develop our cafeteria. However, we also want to hear from other students about their ideas and views. If you have any ideas or questions about our school cafeteria, please share them with one of the Cafeteria Committee members so we can work together to strive to provide an excellent dining experience for all.