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    Say hello to our Primary Student Council Members


    30 Oct, 2020

    10 : 00

    • Over the last month each Learning Community voted for and selected 2 members of the Learning Community to represent their year level. These children will have the opportunity to share ideas from the students they represent and work together to continue to develop the school.

      We will meet once per week, during recess. At these meeting we will share and discuss ideas and initiatives from all areas of Primary. The children will also have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, teamworking and presentation skills. A big well done to the students who have been nominated.

      As a student council, we decided these are things we will do:

      • We will create opportunities
      • We will help children and teachers
      • We will listen to others
      • We will be friendly
      • We will pay attention
      • We will share opinions and ideas
      • We will take care of everyone
      • We will take turns when speaking
      • We will speak clearly

      The Primary Student Council will be run by Ms. Hammond and Mr. Hodgson. Over the year we will join with the Secondary Student Council to work on developing our whole community.

      Watch this space for more information on what the Primary Student Council will be getting up to over this academic year…