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    Double Ninth Festival Celebrations


    26 Oct, 2020

    10 : 00

    • The Double Ninth Festival is on the 9th day of September according to the Chinese lunar calendar. "Nine" is set as a positive number, and on the 9th of September we celebrate Double Ninth, also known as Chongjiu (double nine). On this day, Chinese people enjoy the beauty of chrysanthemums, drink chrysanthemum wine and eat Chongyang cakes.

      The primary students at YCIS Chongqing celebrated this meaningful festival through paticipating in a variety of activities during Chinese Studies lessons, the variety of activities matched the changing weather.

      Year 1 and Year 2 students made cards and flowers to express their love and gratitude towards their elders.

      Year 3 students discussed and figured out ways to show their appreciation and gratitude through our actions, and put these actions into practice at home. For example, serving tea, performing, massaging and washing dishes for the elders, chatting, playing chess or reading a book with them. In the end, teachers printed out the photos and the students wrote down what they did at home.

      Year 4 students learnt about the significance and the various customs of the Festival, and then they made some delicate gifts for elders. All love and blessings through the dexterous fingertips of children!

      By watching a documentary video, Year 5 students discussed the meaning and customs of the Double Ninth Festival, getting the idea of the underlying meaning of chrysanthemum in traditional Chinese culture. They created their own Chinese chrysanthemum painting.

      Year 6 students worked in groups to make Double Ninth Festival posters. They showed the origins, development, customs and the related literature of Double Ninth Festival through beautiful paintings and designs.

      Our ECE students also made a chrysanthemum card to express their understanding of the Chinese tradition.

      As a result, students had a much greater understanding of the Double Ninth Festival, and we look forward to more meaningful Chinese Studies activities for the rest of the year!