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    Summer Extravaganza


    10 Jul, 2020

    10 : 00

    • On the final day of the academic year for the students, they left school, but many knew it wouldn’t be for long as our first ever Summer Camp was just around the corner. The camp gave them the opportunity to reconnect with friends, and have fun, developing new skills and succeeding in different types of non-academic challenges.

      The Duanwu holiday started our first day of Summer Camp bringing together 21 ECE and 108 Primary students along with 28 teachers. Primary students had 10 activities that catered for the various ages and abilities. It was time to make new memories.

      ECE’s students were met with a "water park". This area was one of the most attractive and most used areas in ECE. It proved to be the perfect wonderland for them. As the days progressed so did the swimming outfits with hats and goggles, they looked like real athletes. Our ECE teachers became lifeguards, ensuring all the children were happy and safe! Once the water fun was over the children moved inside. No more lifeguards, it was time to be teachers again, supporting the students to develop their creative and fine motor skills.

      ECE weren’t the only ones who enjoyed outdoor activities; our Primary students enjoyed various sports and team building activities including some very exciting competitions amongst the teams. Moving into the cooler place of the classrooms didn’t mean the children’s enthusiasm fell. Our indoor programme provided excellent opportunities for our students to practise their craft skills. They were able to display their talents in painting, turning paper plates into wonderful pieces of art. Groups also had the opportunity to create a model of their ideal school out of only recycled materials. Their imagination ran wild as did their creativity with the materials selected. The groups also had opportunities to expand their minds with some fun problem-solving challenges and reading activities. Music allowed our young performers to impress while others just enjoyed "giving it a go", but we were still impressed by the show! Last but not least, students proudly presented their Chinese calligraphy skills after many hours’ training and practice.

      The final day of the camp arrived. It was time to say goodbye, but now we have new friends, new memories and new skills. Thankfully it's only goodbye for now as very soon we will welcome our students back to campus refreshed, enthused and ready to learn.