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    Celebrating Chongyang Festival


    10 Oct, 2019

    10 : 00

    • The Chongyang Festival is on the 9th day of September according to the Chinese lunar calendar. "Nine" is set as a positive number, and on the 9th of September we celebrate Chongyang, also known as Chongjiu (Double nine). On this day, Chinese people enjoy the beauty of chrysanthemums, drink chrysanthemum wine and eat Chongyang cakes. After the 20th century, China has designated this day as the festival for the elderly, advocated by all of society to establish a culture of respect towards the elderly, respecting and helping one’s elders.

      After learned about the significance and the celebrations of Chongyang Festival, the primary students in YCIS Chongqing have celebrated this Festival through a variety of activities during Chinese Studies lessons.

      Year 1 and Year 2 students made cards and videos to express their love and gratitude towards their elders. Year 3 students showed their appreciation either by serving tea to the elderly, giving a performance at home, massaging or washing the dishes, spending time and chatting, playing chess or reading a book with them. Year 4 learning community held a Chongyang poetry calligraphy exhibition, while in Year 5, students drew a piece of beautiful chrysanthemum painting; and Year 6 students worked in groups to explore the origins, development, customs and the related literature of Chongyang Festival, and made posters for each topic through their learning.

      As a result, students had a greater understanding of Chongyang Festival, and we look forward to more meaningful Chinese Studies activities for the rest of the year!