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    A Fun Exploring of Robot


    10 Oct, 2019

    10 : 00

    • Recently, K4 has been exploring the topic of toys. Before the topic, the teachers set up toy provocations and materials to observe how the children explored the toys.

      In the past week, as the children mentioned about robot for several times, Miss Becca read a story called ‘Boy and Bot’ for the children. The story talked about the friendship between a boy and a robot, which makes children understand that robots and humans are different. Then we extended this story by asking "What do humans and robots need? "Need "battery"? Need "food"? Or "screws"? Everyone had their own opinions about this question, but all agreed that food is for humans and batteries are for robots.

      After the story, Bot was introduced to the classroom and welcomed by all K4 children. Following to this, children were invited to search for a letter left by the Bot. In order to find the letter in the labyrinth on the playground, they had to use teamwork to get through the maze.

      In this activity, the children had developed a better understanding of the world, they recognized the basic characteristics of the robot and the difference between robot and human in the story and game. Besides, they had learned how to cooperate with each other in the game of the maze, and some simple Chinese and English keywords as well.

      What a fun exploring of robot!