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    Year 1 Have Been Exploring Space


    22 Mar, 2019

    10 : 00

    • Over the last six weeks, the Year 1 learning community have been discovering space! Students have been learning about planets, space shuttles, the International Space Station and constellations to name just a few. By doing this, students have developed important learning skills, for example, teamwork, asking questions, searching for information and planning and creating a piece of work.

      Students made the constellations using marshmallows and sticks, created shadows using kitchen foil and made books to show the rocket they designed and built.

      As well, they have made choices about what they want to learn in more detail. Some students love rockets and others wanted to know more about the planets. They then used this information to create presentations to share with the whole school during our class assembly. They did an amazing job for the assembly — it was out of this world!

      This is just the start though, students will be taking these skills and using them in their next projects. We are helping students take charge of their learning, I wonder what they will do next?