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    Marketing Helps to Win the Competition


    29 Jan, 2019

    10 : 00

    • Business Studies is one of our subject selection courses of our IGCSE programme. Recently, the Year 10 Business Studies students are studying the topic of Marketing. We look at Marketing as the processes used to set yourself apart from your rivals, and get customers interested in your product. In the class we discussed about the need of students as potential university candidates, future employees to find many ways to market themselves – how to differentiate themselves from their rivals? How to convince people of their capabilities and values?

      Promotion is one part of Marketing, which has the function of informing and persuading customers. This particular activity looked at the idea of creating a promotional campaign in which a simple product, orange juice, was promoted to different market segments. Students adopted a few promotion tools to market their product as well ways to attract customers.

      They started with identifying the particular wants and needs of different group of customers and design posters to attract their interests. In today’s digital world, social media is another area Year 10s don’t want to miss. They developed marketing plans for different social media platform including website, Wechat, Facebook and etc. to publish their posters, video clips, and organizing conferences and presentations to showcase the features of the product.

      With three market segments identified (adults, teenagers and younger children) the class was split into six groups: for each segment there were two groups competing for the best strategies. We won’t say who won each category but were very pleased with the creative skills on show and the developing sense of teamwork practiced by the students. Please enjoy seeing the posters, and watching their videos.