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    Learners Teaching Learners in Year 4


    25 Jan, 2019

    10 : 00

    • Year 4’s experienced role reversals as they became learners teaching learners. As part of the Year 4 theme of World Cultures, students explored the different sports around the world such as football, baseball, table tennis, tennis, and taekwondo among others. In addition to creating posters highlighting their favourite sports, several students presented and taught about these sports. Students shared personal experiences and interesting facts including how the sport is played, the rules and equipment used. All students were very engaged and a rich discussion was generated as the sporting experts confidently answered questions from their peers.

      Hank, Jerry, Eric and Derek had a lot of fun sharing about baseball after a weekend baseball tournament in Chengdu. Dressed in their baseball gear, they showed everyone how to bat and pitch a ball, explained positions on the baseball diamond and passed around their baseball bat, ball and gloves for all to touch and see. Cheng and Eason shared their love of golf describing the rules of the game, with Cheng reading a poem about golf.

      “G is for Golf
      O is for Oxygen
      L is for Light
      F is for Friendship
      People play golf with friends on the green land with fresh air and sun light”

      A black belt, Erica, together with Jucy shared their insights into taekwondo, a sport they began playing from a very young age in Korea. All students shared with passion and excitement and engaged everyone in an exciting discussion about sport.

      No matter the culture, Year 4’s learned that sport can bring people together and provide a common ground for building friendships while learning and developing skills. It was exciting to see these young students enthusiastically and confidently share about something they valued and had a deep knowledge about, while their peers attentively listened. It was an important reminder that in the Year 4 learning community, all of us are both teachers and learners.