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    Year 3 Learning Community Assembly


    06 Dec, 2018

    10 : 00

    • On Friday November 30, our Year 3s had their Learning Community Assembly. This assembly explored the topic of Healthy living through the relationship of a Grandfather and his Granddaughter.

      During the Assembly, the Granddaughter was worried about her Grandfather ‘s lifestyle, so she suggested he watch a TV program on Healthy Living! Our assembly touched on healthy eating, exercise, sleep, hygiene and wellbeing. At the end of each show the audience were asked questions about what they had seen. Year 3s even added an interactive element and, if a member of the audience answered the question correctly, they won a piece of fruit- even the teachers got some right!

      To create the assembly, children worked in four groups, in which they explored one of the topics of healthy living. Each group came up with the questions they wanted to ask within the quiz and they were wholly responsible for generating ideas for the performance.

      The children even worked together to design the set of the assembly, ensuring they had the props they needed to fully perform the healthy living message. Year 3s are very proud of what they have achieved in their Healthy Living classes this semester, and have been very excited to share this learning with the School Community!