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    Options Process - Taster Week


    29 Nov, 2018

    10 : 00

    • In order to prepare our students for their pathways into IGCSE and IB programmes of study and help to guide them in the right direction for their future career aspirations, YCIS has been implementing our options process over the past and coming weeks.

      The process kicked off on Monday November 26 with a Taster Week, during which students attended a number of sessions as part of their usual scheduled lessons, and teachers provided related information on the subjects available to students in the next academic year. Students in Year 9 and Year 11 actively engaged in different subject sessions where they were also encouraged to ask questions about their areas of interest. Taster Week was concluded with a preliminary options survey to establish areas of interest and help the School to make the necessary arrangements for staffing and facilities for the coming year.

      In addition to this, we will be hosting a University admissions session for our parents on Thursday December 13. It is a great opportunity for parents to ask questions that will allow them to support their child in making the most appropriate subject choices for their future.

      On Wednesday January 23 2019, a formal options evening will be held where teachers will be available to answer any questions. Final selections will be collected from students in early February. More information will be provided early next semester in the form of an options booklet.

      We wish our student a pleasant journey in their future IGCSE and IBDP programmes of study!