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    2018 ACAMIS Volleyball Tournament


    06 Nov, 2018

    10 : 00

    • On 25 October the YCIS boys and girls ACAMIS Volleyball teams made their way to Beijing to compete against other international schools.

      The teams were welcomed by Beijing International Bilingual School and after meeting their old friends from previous tournaments, it was time for the first matches. The first day was successful for both teams, as they left the fields undefeated.

      After a good rest at the hotel, the second day was a bit more challenging. The girls finished with two wins, and a loss and the boys had to try to keep their head up high after three losses.

      Day 3 of the tournament ended with a match for 3rd or 4th place for the girls. After an exciting and equal match the girls were unfortunately defeated and had to return with a fourth place. They gave their all and showed excellent skill on the court. The boys won their game for 7th or 8th place and ended up 7th. In this last game everything the boys had learned over the tournament cultivated in an exciting match and they left the tournament as a stronger team.

      The tournament ended with a banquet dinner, for which the teams dressed up nicely. Looking smart, the boys team received the Sportsmanship Award, which they were nominated for by all teams in the tournament. New this year (unannounced) was that all teams had to give a performance. The boys and girls joined forces and performed our Founder’s Day Aerobics routine.

      It was no doubt this was another successful trip for our YCIS students, in which they showed great progress as athletes, sportsmanship, leadership and resilience.