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    Continue to Foster School's Safe Play Culture


    02 Nov, 2018

    10 : 00

    • As part of our continued effort to provide a safe, happy learning and play environment, our school built a new play area at the upper playground. It will be officially put into use in November.

      The main purpose of this new area is as follows:

      1. Establish a safe-play culture and a well-structured play environment.
      2. Model play safe and provide different kinds of fun games during the lunch periods.
      3. Help students identify when they are being too rough and instill them with the importance of the non-violent means of conflict resolution.

      In this new area, we set up places for students to read and draw, and we also provide abundant interesting games, such as block-building, origami, DIY crafts, board games, puzzles, role-play games and so on. Students can choose the activities they like. We will also make rearrangements and improvements based on their play feedback.

      We have chosen play leaders from Year 3 to Year 6. The play leaders are mainly responsible for creating and maintaining a safe and fun play environment. He/she is responsible, active, enthusiastic, helpful, organized and like to be challenged. With play leaders’ participation as well as teachers and students involved across the school, we expect to continue to foster a safe and fun play culture.