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    Communication: the Bridge between School and Home


    27 Sep, 2018

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    • The 2018-2019 academic year has begun in a very positive fashion. Our students and teachers are developing sound working relationships, which are vital in optimising the learning potential for our students. We were thrilled with the large numbers of parents who attended our Primary and Secondary Information sessions on August 24 & 29. With significant programme developments underway, it is imperative that all our parents take advantage of the opportunities to understand the expectations being asked of their children.

      On Tuesday, 25th September, the school hosted the Parent Teacher Interview sessions for parents to meet with their children’s teachers to discuss their performance in specific subjects. It is a great opportunity for parents to understand our curriculum, teaching methods, learning support facilities, assessment systems, and their children’s performance.

      We had very positive feedback from this round of Parent Teacher Interviews. Parents commented that Parent Teacher Interviews offer an efficient way for parents to learn more about their child’s academic progress and their child’s Attitude to Learning. Parent Teacher Interviews occur three times throughout the school year and we hope parents do not miss this opportunity to become involved in their children’s learning.