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    Let's Draw, Paint, Sing and Dance!


    21 Sep, 2018

    10 : 00

    • The 2018-2019 YCIS Chongqing school year introduced Musical Theatre as a new strand in our children’s learning programme since it encompasses Drama, Dance, Music and Song.

      The children were exposed to a number of world famous snippets from Musicals such as “ Annie”, “The Sound of Music”, “ Cats” etc.

      Our learners are all given the opportunity to discover their talent…whether it be public speaking, singing, dancing, playing an instrument or a combination of all of them.

      In the Art class our Year 1 to 6 learners have had a very creative start to the year. The Elements of Art with colour, shape, line, form, space, texture and value are always form the basis of all their art projects. Children were taught about warm and cool colours. They painted self portraits and also drew portraits and paper mosaics of people they admire. World famous artists’ works are often discussed in Art classes. The works of Frida Kahlo, Jackson Pollack, Wassily Kandinsky and Pablo Picasso were used as inspiration for the Years 3 -6 art projects.

      Soon the Year 5 children will create a mural to replace a previously faded one; to decorate and adorn the campus of YCIS Chongqing!