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    Approaching Science


    14 Sep, 2018

    10 : 00

    • In the recent IB chemistry class, students are actively involved in conducting research for their upcoming internal assessment (IA). The IA consists of just one scientific investigation which takes about ten hours and will be submitted to the IBO for assessment in a 6-12 page write-up.

      Students are advancing their knowledge in an area of chemistry that is of interest to them, by designing experiments, collecting their own data, and analyzing the results. The individual research being conducted in chemistry allows students to demonstrate they can apply skills and knowledge gained in class to a real context.

      For the next two weeks students will been fully engaged in their exploration of a diversity of topics and related connections, that range from stoichiometry relationships, chemical kinetics, chemical equilibria, to energetics and thermochemistry, among many others. We look forward to sharing with you their study results!